Create and follow-up
transport orders

-Assign transport orders

-Prepare paperwork

-Calculate costs and income

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With everything at your fingertips, you can react quickly to changes >>

- Create & assign orders

- Prepare paperwork easily

- Select cost effective routes

FreightCentral Planner visual
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Advantages for the planner


Create and assign transport orders easily

- Dispatch orders to drivers in a few clicks
- Register transport orders quickly
- Confirm transport order to the customer
- Send orders to drivers by sms

Plan deliveries cost effectively

- Improve planning with clearer information
- Foresee costs when creating an order
- Select most cost effective routes

Take care of necessary paperwork

- Never lose a document
- Prepare CMR with ease
- Record all paperwork related to transport execution
- Share information with your team

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- Create and assign transport orders easily
- Plan deliveries cost effectively
- Take care of necessary paperwork


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About Freightcentral

FreightCentral is an online tool for small transport companies and is designed to make daily tasks easier. It's easy to use, does not need to be installed, and as a cloud-based solution, is accessible from any device. Managers, planners and administrative staff carrying out payments can use FreightCentral to get things done efficiently, quickly and accurately. Tasks such as order management and transport dispatch, incident reports, transport collaboration, CO2 calculations and invoicing can be completed in a few clicks - and shared securely with your team.