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An online tool that brings together all your planning, transport orders and payment administration.
With all your information stored centrally, you get a clear view of activities - and your cashflow.

The benefits of FreightCentral span all your activities, right from order creation to planning,
sending freight details to drivers, invoicing and creating reports.


  • - Easily monitor the day to day activities of dispatching, transport & administration

    - Track & improve your profitability

    - Spend time with your clients & prospects


  • - Create & assign orders to trucks and drivers

    - Prepare paperwork easily

    - Select cost effective routes


  • - Create & send invoices immediately

    - Retrieve and view customer invoices

    - Export invoices for your accountant
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Performance dashboard:

Check how the business is doing with quick-look statistics and charts.

Improve cash flow:

Know when invoices are due and overdue - and track payments easily.


Login to FreightCentral from anywhere, at anytime and have access to all your data.

Unlimited logins:

Share information with your team and ensure everyone has the same data.

Cost calculator:

Improve your margins with precise estimates.

Mobile App:

Receive instant status updates from your drivers.


Document generator:

When confirming transport orders and generating CMR, all information is correct - don't miss a thing.

Calender planning & PTV map:

Plan journeys cost effectively.

SMS to drivers:

Communicate via SMS text messages.

Manage subcontracting:

Create and share documents simply and efficiently with your subcontractor.

Order status notification:

If there's problems or changes react quickly.

Access to freight exchange:

Teleroute customers can post thier orders and search for new opportunities.


Invoices & credit notes:

Once a delivery is made, you can generate invoices in 3 clicks and issue credit notes when necessary.

Invoice archive:

All invoices are held securely in one place, so nothing is lost or forgotten.

Export invoices to excel:

to share with your accountant.

Payment tracker:

Track payments coming in and see an indication of defaulted payments.

Due payment overview:

See when you need to pay your subcontractors.

CO2 Calculator:

Allows you to be compliant with transport regulations.

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As the only provider of “on demand” transport management software and services (TMSS) catering for all transport and logistics professionals, we support companies in every part of the industry. Our user-friendly tools and services address the needs of companies large and small, from carriers to freight forwarders, from logistics providers to shippers. Our portfolio of interconnected solutions and services focus on transport processes and operations across our brands: 123cargo, BursaTransport, FreightCentral, Nolis, TAS-tms, Teleroute and Transwide. With more than 100,000 users in our global community, we connect up transport and logistics professionals electronically every day, through freight exchanges and transport management solutions that keep businesses moving.